Have you ever had someone surprise you? Of course, it was a pleasant surprise. How did you feel? Can you still feel the joy and gratitude you experienced then? Wouldn’t you love to provide for your family similarly? 

How am I going to shock my family? 

Everything depends on the memories we create with our family. When you throw a big surprise at your family members, their screams, laughter, joy, and every other facial expression are memories to cherish and talk about in the future. They are what keep us connected and make us happy as a couple. So, if you’re considering how to surprise your family, regardless of the season, here are a few sweet ideas.

1. Spend the weekend with the entire family. 

Prepare for it. Make sure you are informed about the great activities coming up in a fortnight. Perhaps a movie premiere, a theater, or a fine dining establishment. You see what I mean. Then purchase the ticket, create a spending plan for the entire weekend, and inform them on Thursday night! With keen eyes on the weekend, this will make their Friday more delightful. Making it out of town and potentially for Saturday and Sunday will add some spice to this surprise. 

2. Sports on Fridays 

With a busy family, this is more thrilling since, for families like these, the small things mean more. Anything entertaining indoors, like a charade game, karaoke, or any other not-so-boring indoor game.

It will be fun to order pizza, shawarma, chicken and chips, and other delicious treats to go with the games. Don’t hold back on your talk and make sure to catch up with your spouse and children on everything you have missed. 

3. Posting about them on social media 

Post images of your family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Include a touching emotive caption that they will read and make them fall in love with the family all over again. 

4. Deliver them something delicious as a surprise. 

Imagine your spouse’s expression at the office the moment the delivery rider guy brings her favorite takeout from her preferred eatery. Then picture her reaction when she realized it was your fault.

5. Host a pajama party 

Haha! This would be a hit with the kids, especially if you have lots of them. Purchase brand-new pajama outfits for them, and have them put them on just before bed. Wear them along with your husband and wait till morning to surprise the kids. Daddy and mommy will be wearing the same pajamas when the kids awaken. It goes without saying that they will boast about it to their schoolmates. They will remember that for a very long time. However, wearing identical pajamas is practically exclusively a Christmas tradition these days. Why not give it a shot before Christmas?

6. Making a cake out of the surprise. 

Cakes are a favorite of everyone. So what better way to delight your family than to share good news with them right before the icing? You may announce the impending arrival of a new child to your family and observe the delight on your husband and older children’s faces. Through the frosting, you may inform your family that you were promoted at work. Without ever mentioning it, you might let your parents and siblings know that you were accepted to a prominent university. Simply top it with beautiful cake icing, and bring it in the evening when everyone is at home preparing for supper.

The thought is what matters in the end. Make sure that your family knows how much you love them and how you care about them, regardless of the surprise you choose to pull off.

Written By Ogunyemi Mary



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