Music is an art, having various styles and types. The expanse of music may be difficult to understand by people who are not engaged in the art. In an attempt to achieve a deeper and more precise understanding of music and music making, I approached one of our musicians for a Online interview.

Get to know Yung Zee,Here are the answers he wrote to us:

I’m born and Made for this Music of a thing’ Artiste Yung Zee reveals in an exclusive interview with CASTLEBLOG. He talks about his passion for the music industry and the ordeals he has to pass through.

Can you please tell your compendiums at home your full name ?

I’m Afolabi Opeyemi Olaniyan,Raise and brought up in Osun State,Oshogbo to be precise. I’m a student of kwara state university.

How long have you been into music ?

I have been into this for a long and short time,i started this since my secondary school days where i have to call some part of my school colleagues together and sing for them and they’ll be like; Wow,Guy you’re too good,you’re this,you’re that. So that spirit triggered me to the release of my first track.

Please tell us a little about your non-age.

Non-age ?,
Nah i don’t have a non-age,i’m not too old or young for my present state.

How old are you ?

I was born on September 29,i’m 18 years of age.

What first got you into music ?

What got me into music? I keep asking myself this question always too but i can’t really point out a reason that got me into music. I just discovered that i’m born and made for this music of a thing. i do music with zero stress and it’s also the easiest thing i do.

Who inspired you to make music ?

ZEE @His Mom Launching

I got inspired into music by my bro @horlachrisagain
He started music b4 me and I love the way he is moving fine and I know this is something I can do too. So whenever he has a beat playing around him I try to move close and do some lil freestyle to the beat and he will be like, this is cool. Cool yourself and twist Your voice a little bit. So that way he inspired my music career.

What are the challenges you face when you begin your music career?

I will say I have 6 challenges i face and I still face some of them presently but things are much more better now than then
Here are the challenges:

1. Insufficient fund:

This is delaying me and some other artist in Nigeria not to gain enough recognition, this is because the industry has become more wider than it used to be. We now have different categories of people engaged in the game compare to how it used to be several years ago

2. Lack Of Public Satisfaction:

This serves best and make you understand why i should work more harder as an artist in Nigeria, some of us who have the money to spend or sponsor our career are lacking from this angle while some of us who are capable of satisfying this category are lacking from fund aspect, you can see how critical this situation is.
Most of we upcoming musician in Nigeria lack the ways of satisfying the public, some of these artists focus on what they love to create and not what the public will be pleased with.
Nigeria music entertainment industry today have this value of song category which is Afro, Dance Hall, Party Jam, then the rest follow. If you doing any other thing apart from this music category listed above, you will be losing or lacking attention from the listeners here in Nigeria.

3. Losses/Gains:

Myself as an upcoming act I still have the issue of finding it hard to put the song I recorded with hard earned money on platforms where my song can be monetized to bring returns so as to make at least 10% of my money spend back. I also aim to earn large too from my hard work, but rather I sometimes feed producers with thousands without making a penny after the song is ready.
This really discourages me a lot.

4. Making Schedules:

Many times, I work on a song but I wouldn’t know the most appropriate time to release it to the public, when I release songs with a bad timing, it makes me feel really downcast.

Let me make a simple clarification on what I mean by bad timing.

For example, I need to be conscious not to drop my songs on the same day when the big guns of the industry are dropping theirs too. No matter how hard I try, if I drop songs on the same day when they drop songs, it usually overshadow my songs and I don’t usually get the expected engagements on my songs.

5. Lack Of Shows:

Attending and being able to perform at quality shows plays a huge part in making a name for a young talent and performing at good shows allows an upcoming musician to gain recognition , of course, we build our fan-base from our immediate environment by getting them acquainted to our talent and what we have to offer but this will be overly hard to achieve if reputable shows don’t give upcoming artists the opportunity to showcase their talents.

It’s saddening and very discouraging when we go to shows just to get an opportunity to showcase our talents and we are not being given a chance, it hurts a lot.

6. Perfect production:-

This concludes my series of challenges as a musician in the Nigerian music industry. Even if I have perfected all the listed above from 1 to number 5, if my music wasn’t well produced, mixed, and mastered to my taste, I won’t drop it out to my fans and this makes it very difficult for a musician like me to drop constant freestyles on the social media. I always try to make my works a complete beauty of art, and if it’s not up to my taste, I won’t release it to my listeners and this I think would probably make it hard for me to always come up constant projects until when I’d meet a producer who delivers excellently.

In recent years, a lot of songs rose the musician into stardom due to the quality of the sound production, most times the lyrics are not that tight, but you see this production we are taking about, this has really prevented a lot from climbing the limelight in Nigeria.

So I always try to make sure I deliver the best to my fans and that’s who I am.

How would you describe the music that you generally produce?

I will describe my type of music as the type that conveys my personal sound and vibe. I create music, sound, content, and vibe.

What’s your creative process like?

My creative process goes this way.
I’m a type that loves to do love songs mostly. So once I feel love from someone or I noticed someone gets love from me, this turns on my music prowess.
Secondly I do compose music whenever I feel it’s okay by me.
As in, once I have a chorus then I work on my verse
For example, my Big jam Tittled: Pray 4 me I compose the verses almost 3 to 4 times just to get the perfect rhythm. So I’d say I do music with pleasure.

Are you in any type of relationship?

I laugh whenever I’m put in a situation to talk about my relationship , I don’t know why though
but whether I’m single, dating, engaged or married. I love and would always love to keep my relationship status private.

I’m an approachable person, if there is anyone who would like to talk to me, they should reach out to me.

What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?
If not music I will be a student, just as I am presently, and I’m aspiring to become an administrator someday.

Which notorious musicians do you respect?

I have so much respect for every artist making good music and doing so well.
But special Respect to the likes of wizkid, Yonda, Buju and Bella Shmurda.

Who would you most like to unite with?

I like all artists both upcoming and the top stars, but I would like to link up with Bella shmurda as soon as I can

Do you have any pursuits or interests outside of music?

No I have zero interest in nothing else but music
And if music didn’t work out well I will be an administrator or politician
But I’m over sure that this music thing Is my calling 💯

How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

The internet became advanced enough that users could share and download music online. Music piracy is no longer a problem dubbing tapes and burning CDs. People could download virtually any song they wanted through file-sharing platforms.

In many of your songs exordiums, we noticed you have RK RECORDS hand on them, what’s your relationship with RK RECORDS

Yes the CEO of the label once helped me while I was with the label
Will say a Big thank you to the label and fellow artists in the label, I really enjoyed my time with them.

What’s your favourite song to perform?

Presently my favorite song to perform is “pray 4 Me” because I love it when I’m performing and I pull crowd, I love it when I’m singing and the audience is singing along; that gives me so much joy.

Still, what would it be?,If you could change anything about the assiduity.

Making a remix of that song with an artist who would be able to add spice, good tune and amazing lyrics and sonorous back up will be a very happy thing for me. .

Should we be awaiting a EP or new single?


I want you all to expect something hooge by your rated artist Yung Zee
My EP is coming out Big
You know when I say big don’t let me exaggerate.
And new single out between late this year and early next year
Y’all should stream! Download!! and share!!!

It was really a great session with Zee to have him talk his mind with Thecastleblog,We wish him success in his journey into the world of champions.


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